About Auctmarts

About Us

Auctmarts, we have been in business since 2004 selling motorcycle fairings and accessories. We deal in aftermarket parts. We ship worldwide and offer our products through eBay, and our website. Our Fairings are made of a high grade ABS and are a cheap alternative fairings. We aim to provide quality service for affordable price.

Our Story : 

our story

Hey riders,

Back in the time, our group decided to change the bike’s look with some new bodyworks. Auctmarts fairing the option your bike earn. thus, the aftermarket fairing comes in place and YES numerous different fairing merchandisers out there. All were worth a try no matter the crazy high or incredibly cheap offer. Ultimately, dozens of fairing sets in different price were bought & examined, but nearly4/5 of the members ended up to put back their original stock fairing. Why? These kits weren't worthy at all, even though they wre purchased for nearly $ 800 per pack, that’s not what we paid for to last many weeks. No luck at all Eventually, we decided to cooperate with manufacturers and make our own fairing factory. To get our hands on the fairing kits market, to dominate the aftermarket fairing! For us, the client always comes first because we've always been in your shoes to fight anything about a sport bike bodywork. We hope that you enjoy shopping with us now and in the future, and you ’ll get the impeccably befitting fairing your ride desire. Sincerely Auctmarts Team.

Why Us :

ABS Plastic :

ABS fairings are made from a type of plastic called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, hence the name. Its fashionability stems from the fact that the material is largely durable and cheap to fabricate. ABS can flex fluently and is more resistant to scratches and light impact from debris

Injection Moulding :

Plastic injection moulding is the process of melting plastic bullets( thermosetting/ thermoplastic polymers) that formerly malleable enough, are injected at pressure into a mould cavity, which fills and solidifies to produce the final product. Ourmolding is crafted by using the OEM bodywork. They have the same complete structure of tabs & screw holes in precise size, which will100% fit your bike. The way you take off stock fairing is exactly the same way to install ours.

Perfect Packaging :

Each fairing pieces is covered by two layers of pearl cotton, well organized & packaged in the strong cartons. The gap inside the box is also filled to avoid the damages during transportation. Eventually, we make sure you have the fairing in good condition.


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